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Flash Light Alerts Pro


Flash Light Alerts control flash for calls and other notifications for apps and games. Helps you to notified for every important notification. Use your camera flash light to blink when device is ringing or receive new notification message.
LED flash notification feature for Android phones.
Sleeping mode.Disable flash for call with volume buttonsOperation modes (flash when on silent, vibration or normal mode).Flash only when phone is locked option.Notification flash modes (Time based or Repetitive).Flash notification for more instant messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, BBM, Viber and many more.Notification for games.If your smartphones battery is low there is a option to disable it automatically.Works with almost all android devices with three flash drivers Prefer Standard over Alternative and Alternative over Alternative 2. (For Samsung devices please try Alternative drivers.)
To start flash notification on other apps and games you need to enable the Accessibility Service from Settings->Accessibility-> Flash Light Alerts Notification Service or from Notification Flash Preferences.
This app is based on CallerFlashlight and licensed under the GPLv3.